What’s at stake in Spain? – With Spanish nationalist Gonzalo Martin (Extra Extra #5)

In this episode of Extra Extra we talk with Spanish nationalist Gonzalo Martin from the party Democracia Nacional with regards to the latest development in Spain and Catalonia.

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This is the fifth episode of Extra Extra, a podcast from Scandinavias leading nationalist media project Motgift.

In this episode, which will be fully in English, we talk with Gonzalo Martin from the Spanish nationalist party Democracia Nacional, with regards to the latest development in Spain and Catalonia.

We go through Spanish history. the current situation and the possible outcomes of the Catalonian cry for independence.

Please take your time and listen to this full episode. Sit down, have a nice cup of tea or coffee, and really listen and try to understand.

The situation is extremely difficult, and depending on the actions the coming weeks it can be devastating not only for Spain, but for the whole European continent.

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